Announcing the special guests from the New Jersey Ghost Investigations! Members Ron and Marinette Ledig, Vito Labella, and Jennifer Marshall.

Marinette Ledig
Marinette is the Co-Director and a Lead Investigator for New Jersey Ghost Investigations (NJGI). Marinette has had a life long interest in studying the paranormal, spirit communication and the after life. She has had several spiritual and paranormal encounters throughout her life which keeps her interest in this field. She extensively studied the metaphysical phenomenon of orbs since her first encounter in 1989.
In January of 2004, Marinette began photographing orbs / orb energy on a daily basis for an extensive 4 1/2 years. She shared these daily finding on her blog to help the continuing education of like minded 
people in the paranormal field.
Marinette also is a Sensitive, s
he completed her study in “Reiki” ( a type of energy healing) and became a Reiki master in 2008. She combines Reiki with her own guided angel healing modalities in which she uses on friends, family, at healing circles, and (if need be ) on our clients and their pets.

She is our lead Counselor for NJGI’s clients, helping them with empowerment, coping, and understanding their paranormal encounters.

Ron Ledig
Ron is the Founder/Director and Lead Investigator for NJGI (New Jersey Ghost Investigations). Ron’s first experiences started at the age of 4 while living in New Orleans, Louisiana in the early 60’s near the French Quarter.The home that he lived in had a lot of paranormal activity. So it became common place growing up.

Quickly learning a respect for the paranormal:
When Ron has lived into a Historic homes in NJ, has had many experiences in those homes and has been involved with researching and paranormal investigations for other groups before New Jersey Ghost Investigations NJGI was officially founded. There are many encounters he experiences on a regular basis.

The Paranormal has been a life long journey ……….

Vito Labella
Vito is an Investigator for New Jersey Ghost Investigations (NJGI). He is a former City Paramedic and Paramedic instructor with 28 years experience. He also was certified as part of the medic team for Presidential visits. He has experience of being in a military investigative unit for 20 years attaining the rank of Sergeant First Class.
Before retiring he managed the New York City EMS 911 data center, then took a job in the civilian world as a Data Center Operations Manager for an international telecommunications company. And lastly he also has been a commercial photographer and is a professional musician. His first paranormal experience was in the early ‘70’s. While driving on a lonely road a punch in the arm saved him from an almost certain deadly accident. But the strange part is that he 
was alone in the car but had a large bruise to attest to the fact that there was definitely a spiritual intervention that saved his live.

Vito also is a sensitive and an empath having the ability to absorb the specific situation and convey the feeling of others often seeing their aura. He believes you have to combine any paranormal findings with scientific evidence.

Jennifer Marshall
Jennifer is an Investigator for New Jersey Ghost Investigations (NJGI). When she is not helping us help those affected by a haunting she is helping her client’s as an attorney. Her experience in the legal field brings a skeptics mind to investigating hauntings. She believes every investigation is serious and deserves thorough analysis. She is a hands on investigator who is not afraid to use all types of equipment to get the evidence you need to have peace of mind.