Our Haunted Lives on Paraflixx will be hosting the ParaVation! Hosts David Taylor and Kristi Grissom will be broadcasing the event live on Paraflixx! They’ll be doing interviews and covering the event the entire weekend!

Our Haunted Lives with David Taylor and Kristi Grissom is ParaFlixx’s #1 Talk Show that covers topics about the Paranormal, Cryptids, Witchcraft, Uap’s, and many other subjects. David and Kristi are also paranormal investigators that travel to investigate the most haunted locations in the country.

David has been affected by the paranormal since being a child. He used to see his great grandmother in and about his childhood home. David was also able to see peoples auras which he would call peoples rainbows.

David moved away from the paranormal during his high school and college years eventually returning to the paranormal when he moved to the Pacific Northwest and has been able to investigate many locations since.

David started Our Haunted Lives in 2020 and Kristi joined soon after. Together, they have forged a partnership that has led them to being the number one talk show on ParaFlixx and has allowed them to investigate some of the most Haunted locations in America

Kristi has been an intuitive most of her life. Coming in contact with her first female entity at the age of five at her grandmother’s house in Stephenville Texas. Growing up in a very strict Baptist household it wasn’t until adulthood that she was able to understand her gifts.

Kristi has been active in the paranormal world for over 10 years. She has been very fortunate to meet and work with some amazing people throughout the years. She is a crew member of Chad Morin’s Ghost Hunt Weekends and has worked with the amazing Wraith Chasers over the past few years. In 2020 she joined forces with David Taylor’s Our Haunted Lives as lead investigator and talk show host.

Kristi is also currently furthering her studies in Psychic Mediumship, Witchcraft, Vampirism and Nordic Practices under the direction of Patti Negri, Father Sebastiaan and Kaedrich Olsen at University Magickus.