Psychic medium Jason Birckhead-Nicholson and his metaphysical shop Raven Conjure will be at ParaVation 2023!

Jason Birckhead-Nicholson is a Charlottesville, Virginia and Salem, Massachusetts based psychic medium, Appalachian rootworker, Heathen, Okomfo and Witch. He began reading at a very young age, learning from his grandmother how to read on playing cards. Jason has spent the past nearly 30 years sharing his gifts and abilities to the world. He uses his mediumship abilities during walkthroughs of clients’ homes and during paranormal investigations to give voice to and provide comfort to those who still call these places “home.”

As of December 2022, Jason co-founded the Covenant of the Witch, alongside Shirleyann Spencer. The Covenant of the Witch is a religious organisation based in Winchester and Charlottesville, which seeks to provide a community of support and continuing knowledge among its membership. Many pagans and witches from around the commonwealth have already joined the Covenant.

Additionally Jason and his husband, Stuart, have taken their mobile metaphysical store “Raven Conjure” to Winchester, Va and launched the areas first LGBT owned metaphysical retail store in the area!