The Conner Sisters and Pat Bussard O’Keefe will be special guests at ParaVation 2023!  They will be vendors, they will be offering a healing energy gallery, and Pat O’Keefe will be speaking.

Ashley Conner, Misty Conner, and Pat Bussard O’Keefe are three witches from the Appalachian Mountains who also happen to be psychics and mediums. This magickal trio was recently featured in the film, “Season of the Witch.” The documentary is currently running on multiple platforms with major distribution yet to be announced. These multi-talented women recently co-authored a book titled, Spells and Stories from the Sisterhood of Magick and Wonders. Their new book, Appalachian Granny Witch Magick, is set for publication this spring. In addition, the ladies will be releasing a deck of oracle cards, The Oracle of the Sisterhood of Magick and Wonders, late winter/early spring of this year.

The Conner Sisters are two witchy women who are a dynamic duo in the world of psychic mediums. The charismatic sister duo has traveled the US giving readings, leading seances, gallery readings, hosting events and lecturing. The Conner Sisters are a southern delight that brings light to their Appalachian roots, whether it be in enchanted items for their clients in the way of spells, items, charms or enchanted jewelry. Whether you receive spiritual advice, their cunning items, a reading, their book, or a spiritual cleansing you can anticipate all the magick of their lineage flowing through these two.

Pat Bussard O’Keefe is a renowned psychic and medium, having traveled the country giving lectures, seances, and gallery readings to great acclaim. She has written eight books on different topics in the paranormal, as well as authoring dozens of articles about the preternatural in newspapers, books, and magazines around the world. She is a consulting hypnotist, trained through the National Guild of Hypnotists. Her practice focuses on recovered memories/past life regressions. Like Misty and Ashley Conner, Pat is a Reiki Master. In her hypnosis, psychic and mediumship work, she often uses Reiki healing for her clients. Her philosophy is that energy is lifeforce. Being an energy worker has allowed her to work with and help clients heal from issues impacting their physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds.