Psychic Medium John Covey will be attending as a vendor and will be providing psychic and mediumship readings!

John Covey is a 23 year old International Psychic Medium & Paranormal Investigator. He specializes in Chakra Healing; and has a background in Demonology taught under Jereme Leonard (28 Days Haunted, Ghosts of Morgan City) as part of The Cajun Ministry. In Spring 2021, John worked with Jereme Leonard on a case in Morgan City, Louisiana that was featured in a small YouTube documentary, “Ghost in the Bayou”. John is also certified in Level I & II Kundalini Reiki taught under Medium Sarah Lemos (Portals to Hell, Ghost Town Terror).Over the last 13 years, John Co-Founded the Junior Investigating Paranormal Society (JIPS), established the Central PA-ranormal Convention annual charity event, and has formerly held chairs within the RIFT Radio Network.John has been featured on many internationally known radio shows/podcasts and was interviewed on The Evermore Paranormal Road Trip TV Show.John has embraced his abilities; traveling on a mission to spread a little spark of positivity, healing, and love through all he meets.Learn more about him and his services