Announcing Vendor Author Robin Strom-Mackey!

Robin Strom-Mackey has been researching and investigating the paranormal for more than a decade. During that time, she has written extensively about many facets of the paranormal. Her first book “Anatomy of a

 Ghost” covers a wide variety of subjects regarding the paranormal, including theories on ghosts, angels, demons and shadow men. It also describes Near Death Experiences, After Death Communications and man-made ghosts.  In her second book, “On the Hunt for the Haunted” the author chronicles many of the group’s investigations and describes the incredible evidence the group has compiled over the years to prove that hauntings do exist.  She is currently working on her third book which will describe the haunting of St. Joseph’s Industrial School. She has been interviewed on numerous paranormal podcasts and newspaper articles, and her many articles on the paranormal are available on her website at
She is the founder and director of Delaware Paranormal Research Group as well as being a communications professional, mother and wife. Formerly she was a teacher of English, Communications and broadcasting, and a television journalist for the U.S. Navy.  Aside from video she is also an enthusiastic amateur photographer.  She loves anything to do with the water, jogging, hiking, biking, drinking Bloody Mary’s (Pina coladas being far too sweet) and getting caught in the rain.  She lives in Delaware with her handsome husband and son, Bjurstrom the dog and Miss Scarlet the cat.