Announcing Special Guest Speakers and vendors The Sisterhood consisting of Pat Bussard O’Keefe, Dr. Ronda Caudill, and Ashley & Misty Conner!
Join the Sisterhood of Magick and Wonders for a thrilling experience of energy and spiritual healing, as well as, psychic connections! The Sisters, who are all descendants of the mystics of the mountains, Appalachian Granny Women, have a number of gifts between them. These gifts include the psychic abilities of the four “Cs,” as well as, the gifts of psychometry, dream interpretation, discernment of the soul, and astral projection, amongst others. In addition, a Reiki Master Teacher is part of the Sisterhood, who uses Divine energy to provide healing; she has trained four of the Sisters as Reiki Masters. Another is a qualified consulting hypnotist, through the National Guild of Hypnotists, who has the gift to see people’s past lives. She often connects them to those lives through hypnosis. Amongst their ranks is a gifted palmist, animal communicator, Tarot readers, a tea leaf reader (tasseography), and a reader who is given messages through an Angelic source. Of course, the Sisters are very gifted with the ability to connect with those who have crossed over — mediumship. Every member of the Sisterhood is versed in the use of a number of tools including the spirit board, Tarot, crystal ball scrying, dowsing rods, pendulums, a variety of runes, and more. Join the Sisterhood to experience a world of Magick and Wonders!