Announcing Special Guest Speker & Vendor Dr. Rebecca Foster!
Dr. Rebecca Foster is a clairvoyant medium, practicing for the past 36 years. She works to bring comfort to people who have suffered loss, are addicted, or have experienced suicidal tendencies and thoughts. Her purpose extends to all to ensure that people understand how loved they are from above and that they are never alone. Not only does she provide private readings, but she also conducts hundreds of free readings via Youtube, Facebook, GetVokl, Patreon, and Tiktok.
She travels the country conducting in-person galleries and investigations, is a two-time #1 Bestselling author on Amazon, and works full-time bringing messages to others by the grace of God, as He works through her and uses her as a servant.
She passes on messages from God, spirit guides, and those passed over, including animals both living and deceased. He performs health readings and scans on the living to help people get the medical attention they need.
Dr. Foster uses remote viewing to find missing persons and talk to spirits and other energies that are on the earthly dimension. She has firsthand experience with sasquatch, fairies, and other elementals, as well as several personal experiences with alien beings. Her gift is from God, and she uses it for Him. She uses her gift freely as God strengthens her to do so, and willingly works as His will requires.