Announcing special guest speaker and vendor Melody Bruch!

Melody Bruch, professionally known as the Tattooed Medium, was featured on the Travel Channel and Destination America shows. She is a Medium well-known for her God-given gift to connect with the Spirit Realm and relay messages from loved ones who have passed on. She can give evidence that your loved one is communicating with her by providing the unique information she receives via the Spirit Realm. This information would not be known to her otherwise. This type of mediumship profoundly affects people because the evidence provided validates the experience for both Melody and her clients. Melody’s work involves a variety of healing modalities, such as Psychotherapist, Spiritual Adviser, Lightarian Worker (angel healing), Reiki Master, and Trance Healing Medium, which is backed by a natural ability to connect to the spirit world. “Since I was a young girl, I’ve been able to communicate with Spirit. I can bring loving messages of closure from the Spirit World. I will bring your loved ones through and share with you what I hear.”