Announcing speaker Jake Fife!

Jake Fife is a 19 year old paranormal investigator from Virginia with over 9 years of in the field investigation experience. He has had paranormal experiences all his life, and the early experiences raised many questions that no one could answer and so he set out to search for the answers to the questions he had about his experiences, the paranormal, and everything classified as “unknown”.
He Co-Founded Fife Paranormal with his father in 2010 and they investigate haunted locations using a mix of old school methods mixed with new technology to try and record the most paranormal evidence possible. He has ran across some pretty disturbing and terrifying things on his investigations, and he has also had encounters with UFO’s and Bigfoot on more than one occasion. He is also the host, producer, and lead investigator of the investigation series “The Fife Files”. He is also interested in history, photography, and film making. He has made two horror short films so far, and is currently working on the third.