Announcing special guest, speaker, and vendor Christ DiCesare!

Christopher Di Cesare is a New York-based author, lecturer, and duel-certified high school

teacher whose experiences as a college student back in 1985 have been the focus of several books, films, and radio/television shows including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory in 2015; the Syfy Network’s 2012 “School Spirits” series; the Trvl Channel’s 2019 “My Horror Story” series; and the 2011 award-winning independent docu-thriller “Please Talk with Me”. The C2D1 Haunting ranks among the most documented paranormal events in United States history, defined by full-bodied apparitions, disembodied voices, moving objects, physical attacks, photographs and audio tapes. More than one dozen witnesses have professed their experience with this Western New York extreme haunting that found a teenage Di Cesare at its epicenter, and to whom urban legend ascribed the nickname ‘The Ghost Boy of Geneseo’. Published in 2019, his latest book, C2D1 – An Examination of the Extreme Haunting and How the “Ghost Boy of Geneseo” Came to Be, is a comprehensive case study of the haunting that includes eye-witness accounts, contemporary notes, and numerous photographs. Di Cesare accepted an invitation to begin hosting a show, ‘Turn to Gold’, on the BB3TV network in January 2022.