Announcing Para-Researcher / Spirit Communicator Chris Hammond AKA – Hammy

Chris was a volunteer Fire Fighter in Pa. This is where his story began, giving his time to the community to help where he could. After leaving the deptartment Chris still wanted to help society. This is when he met up with Melissa Leeper and joined the GRIP paranormal research group. Chris defined his art of communicating through countless cases and training with Melissa and GRIP. This is where it was found that his unique style came into play. He turned out to be excellent in equipment and became a tech for the team as well. This has given him the ability to help provide a service still to the public in another direction. He is also a tattoo artist.( He will come to you, or you can come him! )

To those who know “ Hammy” have seen his work; How it seems the other side is drawn to him. He is perfecting his style in all forms of audible communication, with use in all audible devices in the research of the paranormal as well as the spiritual. Chris is a long time advocate for paranormal investigative methods. Chris has worked side by side with some of the best known names in the field privately and publicly in both television and single entity personalities going back several years in spiritual studies. He is sought after in ITC research as a trusted communicator and source of other worldly information.

If you desire validation of spiritual correspondence and proof of the paranormal, CONTACT Chris Hammond and G.R.I.P. Check them out at So, if there’s something strange, in the neighborhood, don’t call Ghostbusters, call GRIP!!!