Announcing special guests Howie Odell and Cat Gagnon!


Cat and Howie, are the Hosts of the blogtalkradio podcast, The Orion Effect . Howie is the President of The R.I.F.T. Radio Network ran by John Covey . Both Cat and Howie are active paranormal researchers , and are applying their skills to find reason, communication , and understanding of the multiverse as we know it.

Catrina Gagnon , known to most as Cat , has homed her paranormal skills over the past years . Prior to coming to Virginia, Cat lived in the New England states and still active with her research team Paranormal Reactions. During her time in New England she established many versions of public investigations as well as overnights for the public. Paranormal Reactions and Cat, really aimed their efforts in educating the public about the paranormal .

Cat also is a jewelry maker as well as a writer . Her insight into life see’s others as they truly are and doesn’t look at the shell rather the whole. Cat also is a location researcher, applying her ability to gather the truth about a location . She keeps to the truth of what she finds and refuses to deviate from false truth. Cat is that one person you would want doing the research of your location or helping a team. Her humor is abroad , while being somewhat introverted. She views all the same, unless they give her a reason to really look at one’s intent .

Howie , is a Paralogian. One who educates the public in all area’s of what we call the paranormal and the spiritual with most of his focus in scientific based. He grows his skills in history, the knowledge, the understanding of all para-research as well as in psychology and sociology. He has a huge amount of knowledge with in the spiritual being mentored by Han Who as well as spiritual leader Jean Kromm who’s father worked directly with Edgar Cayce. He has found how to educate others with the use of both science and spiritualism, making him a truly unique individual to match his eccentric personality.