Announcing special guests Jack Kenna and Carly Hall!

John “Jack” Kenna is an Accomplished Paranormal Investigator, Technical Specialist, Published Author, and Public Figure with paranormal teams S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of New England, Founder of Rensselaer Paranormal Research, and CoFounder of JC Paranormal. Jack is also a Senior Engineering Technician for the Department of the Army. Jack is a series lead on the TV series Haunted Case Files and Paranormal Survivor and has also appeared on the TV series Haunted Hospitals, A Haunting (Season 10-2019), and My Worst Nightmare (2019). In April 2019 Jack also filmed for a new series called My Paranormal Nightmare which is scheduled to be released in early 2020. In 2015 Jack, along with illustrator Alex Cormack, completed work on the first issue of his graphic novel S.P.I.R.I.T.S. – The Forgotten Souls of Bay Path, then in July 2017 Jack released his first book Hauntings, Ghosts & Demons, followed by his newest book Paranormal Research released by Schiffer Publishing in June 2018. When not filming or writing, Jack can be found speaking and lecturing at numerous events and conventions throughout the east coast.

Carly Hall is gifted Psychic Medium, the founder of JC Paranormal, and member of SPIRITS of New England. At age 13 Carly began to experience a horrific demonic haunting, no one would believe her about what was happening. Just as she was ready to take her own life to end the misery, help came to her in a very unexpected and unearthly form. The spirit of a middle-aged man confronted her and helped her take control of her life and the demonic entities tormenting her. While her haunting continued for seven years, this spirit never left her side and stayed with her helping her. At age 19 After a harrowing personal event regarding her family, Carly dove headfirst into learning even more about the paranormal which had pushed her down a path that she had never expected. This led to wonderful new connections and experiences that she now treasures every day. After a chance meeting with Jack Kenna and the SPIRITS of New England team in 2018, Carly began a new journey in the Paranormal, one in which she is always looking to help others. She currently works as a Surgical Technologist at the Bone and Joint Center in Albany, NY. In 2018 she filmed for the TV series Paranormal Survivor, telling about her demonic haunting from ages 13 – 21. She hopes her story is an inspiration to others that are going through similar hardships. When not working Carly can be found working cases with Jack and his SPIRITS team, and giving lectures about her own experience is and psychic abilities throughout NY, PA and the New England States.