Adam Bonnett is a paranormal investigator, but not just any paranormal investigator. What makes him different? He’s in a wheelchair. His condition didn’t slow him down, it just forced him to develop creative alternatives. Throughout his life, he never let anything stop him or prevent him from achieving his goals. Often considered a “rolling trigger object”, he uses his unique position to his advantage when investigating. He created and copyrighted a wheelchair bound ghost named Glider, who represents him and others with disabilities. Glider is a symbol that there are no limitations to those who truly believe. He hopes to continue raising awareness and showing the world that anything is possible.

Adam has been a guest speaker at many conventions and events all along the east & west coast as well as a guest on numerous radio shows sharing his unique stories, experiences and adventures.

Some of which include: Paranormal Experience, Scarefest Radio, Sunday Night Dead, Americas Most Haunted, Dead Air Paranormal and 103.3 WAJR and “The Ozarks Today” on 1150 KRMS, 97.5 FM and 104.9 in Missouri.

Along with radio shows, he has been a guest speaker at numerous events and conventions including:

Dead Winter Con, Ohio Paranormal Gathering, Scarefest, Hill Con, Enigamacon, Grave City Paracon, MS Paranormal Fundraiser event, Kent Paranormal Weekend 2018, Preston Paracon(CA), Gettysburg Battlefield Bash. Find out more about Adam at: